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About Coder Plus

Coder Plus is a professional service provider which helps organizations and companies in planning, implementing and operating the right technologies to improve the way they function or do business. From IT services to Medical services, Coder Plus is your one stop destination which takes a lot of burden off you and lets you concentrate on more important business issues. Our professional experts are trained and experienced to carry out the implementation and planning of many software related tasks aimed at making your business operations smooth.

We at Coder Plus are dedicated to our clients and can help you in the improvement of your existing IT infrastructures. We offer you better solutions to manage data storage, handle auditing and financial management, and carry out professional communication. We make sure that you are provided custom services based on your business’s requirement and our particular needs. We specialize in IT services and medical services and offer a range of options in both the categories. Some of the medical services that we offer are credentialing, medical billing, audit services, accounts receivables and population management. We also provide Ios, Android, PHP and Ruby on Rails IT services as well.


CODERPLUS draws on a rich fund specialists and bring the right experts on your project table.

Software development

We have been successful for many years to software projects on behalf of customers. Whether Rails,Node or Angular. Whether mobile app or web software.

Project Support

Rome was not built in a day. With software it is similar. Good software is created by constant care, the right extensions and timely bug fixes.

Save Time and Costs

Living in a world where every minute and every penny counts our services provide you with a platform that does not simply makes your task’s achievement easy but decreases the amount of money.

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IT services

ruby on rails

Coder Plus is known for its Ruby on Rails development. Ruby is one of the most powerful programming languages in the world and is used on an open source web application platform which is called Rails. Our ROR developers are highly experienced and efficient and can help you with any task related to Ruby development. We use all those modules which provide seamless development and you get to choose from the many ROR development services that we have proficiency in. we also help you save on costs by deploying cost effective solutions only.



Coder Plus is also involved in the development of iOS apps for both iPhones and iPads. We have launched many iOS apps for large and small businesses in the past few years and continue to improve our expertise while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. iPhone is a popular Smartphone brand due to its uniqueness and attractive apps and we too have employed many highly skilled iOS app developers to help businesses create their own apps for their clients and customers. They have immense understanding and knowledge about the various app development components and the Apple platform.

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Android app development is yet another forte of Coder Plus and it has been creating and developing Android apps for a long time now. With the use of top quality expertise, the right products and development tools, we have been able to create immensely functional and highly satisfactory Android apps for our clients. Being an open source platform. Android has the least number of restrictions as far as development is concerned and we have tapped upon this window in the best possible way.

Android app development


PHP application development is yet another forte of Coder Plus and forms one of the many IT services that we offer. PHP is the favorite open source technology for almost a decade now and we have been working on a large number of PHP web portals which have given us the confidence to delivery ready to use portals in small durations of time. Coder Plus has worked on building of many websites and applications across the industry and continues to do so in order to meet the rising client requirements and demands. Contact us for any of your PHP requirements and we shall be able to help you out in the best possible way.


Quality Focus: Save Time & Costs

When you choose to hire or work with Coder Plus, you are not just taking a decision to improve your business but also to save a lot of your valuable time. All our systems and services make your business operations smooth and swift. Besides time, Coder Plus also enables you to save on costs which you otherwise tend to bear and that too in bulk amounts. You can save upto 70% of projects costs when you decide to hire our services.


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Medical Software Development services


Credentialing can be an excessively lengthy process, one which involves a lot of paper work and too many buyers to deal with. To keep this process simple, hassle free and less time consuming, Coder Plus does all the credentialing for you. Some tasks that we can make easier for you include credentialing, re-credentialing, contracting for commercial insurance, negotiation of fee for commercial insurance, Group NPI application, CAQH application and many others. You can be rest assured of receiving top quality work from Coder Plus team.

Credentialing Service

medical billing

The medical billing services which are offered by Coder Plus are not just highly reliable but will also help you increase your revenue. We offer customized business models which fit into everyone’s budget and also everyone’s requirements. Some of the services that we offer within this category include charge entry, patient demographic entry, insurance eligibility verification, claims review before submission, submission of claims, CPT and ICD-9 Coding, payment posting, effective communication with posting as well as accounts receivables follow up.

medical billing

account receivables

As far as a revenue cycle management is concerned in a medical facility, the overall tasks can be pretty challenging. Coder Plus has a detailed process which helps you chop up the accounts receivables and eliminate them on a permanent basis. The first part of this process is denial management where all denials are fixed and action is taken to minimize Account Receivables. The next step is to follow up the insurance and then the step for appeals management is followed.

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audit services

Coder Plus is the one stop destination for all your free billing and audit services. It is advisable for every medical organization or facility to audit the practice billing atleast once in one year. If you give us one week’s access to your practice then we can examine the billing practices using our top quality skills through our experienced billing experts. We then offer you the feedback by highlighting the problematic areas and their right resolution. Coder Plus can help you with all your financial issues and problems.



population management

Our population health management system is built using a very high level technology and is used to allow companies to configure and deploy modules selectively. We deliver an integrated real time rules-driven workflow application and also offer you the facility of embedded clinical analytics which helps to stratify the population risk. We also provide our clients with the ability to exchange data with the external systems and consolidate information across many data sources. Choose Coder Plus for the best population management solutions.


Resuce mission / Project Support

We at Coderplus can help your business by structuring your previous code base and resolving issues in least amount of time with our devoted team members without re-inventing the dev cycle. Coderplus also provide 24/7 project support even after beta release. We fully understand esteemed business needs we help our clients to update their application and hosting them.

We provide custom web development solutions because we know one size can never fit to all. We at Coderplus are highly commited to quality and we take quality as our business root that you can always trust with confidence .



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Custom web Application Development.


Frame-work Development

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